Water Hyacinth Tote Basket

Water Hyacinth Tote Basket which is the Indonesian craft product. In Indonesia you can easily found many artisans…



Water Hyacinth Tote Basket which is the Indonesian craft product. In Indonesia you can easily found many artisans, but not many of them are lucky to promote their tremendous craft product to larger range, especially for the artisans that just have little / home industries as their main business. Cybartshop trying to help them to promote the craft product to the whole world and hoping will get luck for both of us, include This water hyacinth artisans, who have good quality of artwork with many years experiences. You can see our artisans quality from this Water Hyacinth Tote Basket, with the best quality of water hyacinth that chosen very carefully and selective, and absolutely build to be good quality of Water Hyacinth Tote Basket, I can say that this is a combination between art and craft, the design of this Water Hyacinth Tote Basket are very beautiful and the artisans work are very neat, strong also almost similar between one to another in the same Water Hyacinth Tote Basket products. So why not to try our water hyacinth artisans artwork quality and prove it by yourself. This Water Hyacinth Tote Basket only available as “Made to Order”, so there is no more stock available, and for MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY (MOQ) for this Water Hyacinth Tote Basket product can asked to our customer support, via e-mail or Yahoo Messenger.

Indonesia is an archipelago with a tropical climate that is very friendly, do not be surprised if a lot of water hyacinth plants found in every river in Indonesia, besides useful as medicines, water hyacinth can also be used in the manufacture of antique baskets and since has, like our baskets display. With good quality workmanship, materials selection and price water hyacinth baskets are cheap, you can customize with a variety of options that we provide If you are an admirer or fan handicraft antique baskets, the baskets of water hyacinth is the choice, not only antique, baskets of water hyacinth was also wearing the most environmentally friendly material. Came with bamboo handle.


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Water Hyacinth


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