Handmade Handicraft Marketplace

Kuta Art Market. Foreign tourists often buy shirts with Bali rayon or cotton thin in this market. Not to be used to take home as a souvenir , but to take pleasure in Bali. The most popular products T -shirts with the favorite beer Australian tourists .

Strategic location near centers of tourism in Bali, so many foreign tourists who are interested just for the hell disclosure in the purchase . Many craft arts such as sculpture carvings and paintings are sold in this market. Images and motifs were varied, not always shape the culture of Bali.

This market is open from about 8 or 9 clock and includes some night at 7th It is close to the beach of Kuta and Jalan Kartika Plaza.

Pasar Badung . All kinds of needs and objects of art in this market. A variety of requirements in the area of daily life to Balinese ceremonial utensils. It could be a favorite place for culinary know Skedar over typical Balinese cuisine and its ingredients

Start of purchase or punchbowl Bali coffee , container to put the deals that are made ​​of aluminum. They can for ideas to decorate your home purchase . In addition, you can buy bamboo socks, underwear beach , and the products of other Balinese garment .

You should socks and underwear to buy in large quantities, as a dozen or 1 points to get the wholesale price . If you feel too much , may be one dozen shirts souvenirs for friends and relatives when you get home .

This market is in a busy commercial area. It is located in Jalan Gajah measure , Denpasar. Near Pasar Badung , there is Sulawesi Street which is considered the place to fabric and clothing industry buy kebaya traditional Balinese famous.

Badung market is probably the most memorable, if it was left Bali. The market was really exciting because of it. Daily needs of all small fish to traditional Balinese ceremonial utensils “heavy” , ie sold cruel and songket that cost over $ 500,000

Kumbasari market. A market that is near Pasar Badung . Kumbasari market known as the wholesale market. Craft items are usually sold as souvenirs at the stalls in Kuta and the surrounding area , many of whom take the goods on the market Kumbasari

You can buy clothing and accessories typical Bali beads. Not just little things , but there are also sculptures and carvings. Then there are also a variety of furniture and knick-knacks to fill the house . Various woven bamboo baskets to Ingke as you can get in this market.

If you are interested in buying in large quantities, this is where the right location . However, buying in small quantities is not a problem. Kumbasari market in Jalan Sulawesi , Denpasar , and is still in a region of Badung Market.

Sukawati market. This market is very well known among tourists for home use . You can on the beach fabrics , pants and clothing with designs Bali, Balinese woven bags , sandals Mote beautiful shop.

Balinese paintings are the hunted in this market. Because the market is near the villages of Bali handicraft making center , you will find many models of sculptures and carvings of Bali. Sukawati market is located on the border between Denpasar and Gianyar is located. Seemed to be a ” door” to enter the first Gianyar .

Should come in the morning, if not a lot of people who like to come shopping. Bargaining process is easily done in the morning when the new dealer activity begin. Therefore, the ” taboos ” , when buyers declined in early trading .

Guwang market. This market is less popular than Sukawati Market. Although in the distance , the two markets are very close together. The market is located in the village Guwang Guwang , Gianyar is located. Sukawati market distance is only about 500 meters.

The markets seem tidier than Sukawati Market. However, one thing that is conspicuously large parking lot. Guwang market is relatively new and has been built to support the Sukawati market.

Buses easy entry into this market , because the parking lot for buses allowed . Goods sold was equal to Sukawati Market. You need to negotiate before buying.

Ubud market. Still selling products that are similar in other markets as Arts . You can woven bags, clothes labeled Bali, Balinese traditional clothes to buy to sculpture and painting.

Try also markets a variety of snacks sold in this market. Should come in the morning. Therefore, it is usually crowded by hordes of tourists during the day . Remember to negotiate the price before you buy . As well as, explore the market before you buy .

This market is very wide, so you have to go inside to get the best price and freight. Also, try to go on to the floors. Most tourists just look around and purchase goods on the market before . The market was also the location for the Hollywood film ” Eat, Pray, Love” with Julia Roberts.

This market is very strategic location, in front of the Puri Saren Agung Ubud. Exactly at the intersection of Jalan Monkey Forest . This market is located in the center of Ubud . Therefore, tourists who stay and take a walk around the market also took time to stop in this market.