Many years experience with coconut shell make the craftsmen turn his work to contemporary and unique fashion accessories, and the market was satisfying, but most of their customer is Indonesian people which came from Yogyakarta mostly. They contacting cybartshop for the possibilities to shown their unique coconut shell around the world especially in the world of handbags and purses, cybartshop see, check, consider and decided, so here they are with their unique coconut shell products. Came with various size, coconut shell details, and their contemporary handbags and purses design, trying to change the luxury and classy which labeled on fashion industry especially in handbags and purses category, to unique, cheap and contemporary label. You can customize the unique coconut shell details if you need, or change our handbags and purses style as well, plus your own brand name, our mentioned cheap prices dedicated for retail buying, if you need our wholesale prices as we hope here, you can contact us, get our special prices for this unique coconut shell of handbags and purses. Or you might interest to buy wholesale other coconut shell product beside those cheap handbags and purses, just let us know at

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