Coconut Handicraft are creative ideas from our handycraft artisan coconut Shell, with coconut Shell who have been selected carefully, then apply to design derived inspiration from various objects, and combine them with the appropriate color making coconut shell Craft is very contemporary as souvenirs or your household goods. Our handicraft artisan can also produce according to your liking, you can choose the color, or coconut shell handycraft with any theme, the equipment or your household. We have a Quality Control plated, finished first after the production process, is before our coconut handicraft artisan gave orders that have been completed to Cybartshop. The second before Cybartshop notify that the order has been completed to the customer, we will examine, measure and test the product. For the record, in the production process of video production you can ask us, we also include video products in each product detail page. There is a good idea to ask first the stock of coconut handycraft, when stock is not available then our coconut shell artisan will make it Made To Order, or you order will be our new production. And the provision of a minimum quantity for each order, payment information, including account numbers and more information will be delivered via email.

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