Antique candle holders from coconut shell is a masterpiece and bright craft ideas from coconut shell craftsmen in Indonesia, they use all the skills in sculpture and their high taste of art in designing, so they can produce a wide range of antiques coconut candle holders. Inside the coconut shell we put a candle holder which you can buy separately, this will make you easier to decide whether you want to use as an antique candle holders with a candle inside or coconut shell craft with electric lamp inside. If you have any desire to make your room more romantic, this antique candle holders from the coconut shell coconut is the choice, with a candle inside you can put it above your restaurant table, or put it over your living room table, even are suitable also put in the floor, no worry about the lantern will burned by the candle, because our craftsmen have designing the coconut shell would not ignite when the candle inside out or drop. Or if you want more practical and safely, you can replace the candle holders with electronic lights and put this antique coconut candle holders on your room above your bedside or elsewhere according to your wishes.

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