On every century, in Bali born hundred paintings canvas artists with millions of their paintings canvas product that can brought them into famous place on paintings canvas world. Some of Bali artists pricing their paintings canvas too cheap with less creativity to follow market needed, because the artists don’t have strong idealism, the artists not relishes that he turn and down grade his own artwork value to the products called “commercial products” not art products even far away from masterpiece products. Antonio Blanco is one of Bali artists that hold his idealism on his paintings canvas for whole life, now he is already death, but his idealism which described on his paintings canvas can still remain until know and forever, even, his paintings canvas have prices getting higher every year, you can visit Antonio Blanco’s famous gallery at Ubud, Bali. Trough this online gallery, Cybartshop trying to present several Bali artists that have strong idealism, their pricing can’t categorized as cheap prices or market needed, because they want to stand on their idealism, not market needed or somebody’s pocket, those Bali artists priced their masterpiece properly, so not every people can pricing their artwork, most of us would say that the price is unbelievable, but that is the value of art from the artists glasses.

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