Coconut shell crafts patented French Electorate

Tuesday, Would possibly 25, 2010, Mataram (ANTARA Information) – Head of Trade, Business and Cooperation of West Lombok Djoko Wiratno mentioned crafts coconut shell crafts made on this space has been patented through a French citizen.

“The French citizen previously referred to as the consumer of the product, however later he patented the West Lombok crafts merchandise,” he stated at the sidelines of the “Dissemination of Highbrow Assets Rights (HAKI) and halalness Merchandise”, in Mataram, Tuesday.

Within the tournament in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade level Disperindag NTB, He stated the coconut shell handicraft merchandise that are exported to France was once patented by means of the consumer which has been the spouse of artisans..

“This example must be a lesson for all events on this area,” he mentioned.

Djoko instructed, the guidelines has dipatenkannya coconut shell craft is understood from different consumers who additionally used to be in France.

He stated the perpetrators of the coconut shell crafts patenting it firstly had lengthy collaborated with artisans in numerous facilities in West Lombok, however the cooperation contract used to be abruptly determined via the patron, so make crafters reeling.

“Native governments in finding different consumers who additionally got here from France, and attracted by way of the coconut shell craft,” he stated.

In line with him, after knit cooperation, the 2 new consumers who discovered that the coconut shell crafts imported from Lombok has been patented in France, so he will have to pay royalties to the primary purchaser that was once companions of this regional crafters.

The federal government promised to take preventive measures and cautious in facilitating artisans with patrons in order that the annexation coconut shell handicraft commodities does now not change different handicraft merchandise similar to pottery and woven Banyumulek clack.

The craftsmen additionally facilitated to report patents from product advent to the Directorate Normal (DG) IPR.

“We by no means imagined that the patron can be patented for the reason that coconut shell handicraft merchandise throughout cargo transactions because the 1990s was once by no means an issue,” he mentioned.