Coconut Bags


From good quality of artwork and cheap materials came to our shop in different style of coconut bag, you can use it as your cosmetic bags or just for your fashion style.  You can customize the handle with this kind of beads which made from pieces of coconut shell, and wood, or you can combine with other materials you will prefer.

Coconut Bags which is the Indonesian craft product. In Indonesia you can easily found many craftsmen, but not many of them are lucky to promote their tremendous craft product to larger range, especially with little craftsmen who just starting his business. Cybartshop trying to help them to promote the craft product to the whole world and hoping will get luck for both of us, include This coconut craftsmen, who have good quality of artwork with many years experiences. You can see our craftsmen quality from this Coconut Bags, with the best quality of coconut shell that chosen very carefully and selective, and absolutely build to be good quality of Coconut Bags, I can say that this is a combination between art and craft, the design of this Coconut Bags are very beautiful and the craftsmen work are very neat, strong also almost similar between one to another in the same Coconut Bags products. descendre en cuisine russe
So why not to try our coconut craftsmen artwork quality and prove it by yourself. This Coconut Bags only available as “Made to Order”, so there is no more stock available, and for MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY (MOQ) for this Coconut Bags product can asked to our customer support, via e-mail or Yahoo Messenger.


INSIDE MATERIALS : CUSTOM (Faille, Sateen, etc)

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